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One-for-All Kind of Platform

Affiomatic is a one-for-all kind of platform, where a first time seller can start off his store instantly using the standard templates and features and a seasoned user can configure, develop and enhance the capabilities he desires to build his unique store.

Dynamic Visual Editing

Our dashboard allows you to change your storefront design visually. You do not have to be a programmer to change your presentation. Find excellent templates and visual designs from our database to help you get started.

24x7 Support Infrastructure

In the event that you require any kind of support in any of your activity about your online store, be sure that our support infrastructure is available to you 24x7. While our members shall have certain privileges in terms of nature of support, the basic tech support is available to everyone irrespective of their membership status. In addition, we have excellent, step by step online help, how to demos as well as ongoing special online training courses. Just contact us and whatever be your support requirement, it shall be handled in real time.

Be a part of our Members Enclosure

We have an exclusive Super Members Enclosure which is in fact a group of our privileged members enjoying certain special advantages in terms of unlimited support and access to our various resources. It’s a form of a collective knowledgebase from which everyone in the group can draw and it’s a pool of users at various levels of business expertise from which everyone in the group can learn.

Full-featured Dashboard

Our stores are backed by a secure and dynamic dashboard control that allows you to do virtually anything in yours store, yourself. Change design, change theme, change color combinations, restructure the display, view reports as you want to see them…

Setting up store on the go

Visual (A ready-reckoner for) selection of products, product types, groups and subgroups, templates to add or remove a product and many such utilities make setting up store extremely easy and superfast. Just understand them and off you go…

Search Engine Optimization

You don’t have to think about the search optimization with Affiomatic. We have taken care of it in the most efficient and effective manner to free you from these hassles.

How do I get started?

To start your online business, on the administration side all you need is a free Amazon Account and an online store of your own, built using Affiomatic. On the business side you need your chosen product mix and a good business strategy. The Amazon account is essential to receive your payments, your Affiomatic based store shall fetch you customers and the revenue and a good product mix and business strategy will ensure that your revenues keep on growing.

Affiomatic 24x7 support, our FAQ and online help, the numerous features of Affiomatic and your business acumen together shall ensure a great business success for you.

Watch the informative video demo of Affiomatic Store Builder to get going.

Decide on your product mix or what you want to sell through your store. Then create your own online store using the great features of Affiomatic, like choosing the design, product display style, content and images etc. which is a very simple process. Add your products to your store and GO LIVE.

Once your store is up and live online, the next major job is to promote it as much as you can using referral sites, social media, personal marketing efforts, business association with various websites, text messages and email etc. A carefully thought and creative business strategy will ensure business to start immediately. You may also take advantage of the access to other experienced storeowners in the Super Member Enclosure in this regard.

As you settle in your online business, remind yourself that in this business only sky is the limit in terms of business expansion. There is practically no limit on how many stores you open and how many or which products you can sell on Amazon. This is nothing but repeating your success story. Repeat and replicate your business strategy to sell more and earn more. By now you have experience, you have the will to do even better and to top it all you have Affiomatic with you…

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